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Guidelines For Company Functions And Events

Worth reading, especially with Christmas approaching ...


POSTED BY ALISON MEAD ON 03/12/2018 @ 9:00AM

This week, I have a guest post from Tarnya Brink at Sagegreen HR. It's about the guidelines for company functions and events that include your employees. Take it away Tarnya ...

Be sure everyone knows your guidelines for company functions and events!

Be sure everyone knows your guidelines for company functions and events!

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As a company, we appreciate the hard work that our employees put into their day to day jobs, and as a way of thanking staff for this, both departmental and company-wide functions may be organised.

To ensure that these are fun, but also remain professional, there are some aspects of our expected employee code of conduct that we feel are useful to remind employees of at this time.

Do's and Don'ts

  • Employees are reminded that their behaviour both in and outside of work can impact both their own reputations as well as the company, and we would hate a function to end up with behaviour that could result in disciplinary action. If employees are drinking alcohol, they should not drive and should arrange alternative transport home from the venue.

  • If alcohol is provided or available to purchase, employees are expected to control their intake to a reasonable consumption. If it is felt that someone has had too much to drink and they start behaving in an untoward manner, they will be asked to leave the function.

  • The taking of or supplying of drugs will not be tolerated.

  • If an employee is expected to work the following day, they are expected to do so in a professional and timely manner as they would for any other working day.

  • As with all other times employees need to consider what they are posting on social media. Posts must not contain defamatory, bullying or harassing content, nor should they compromise their own/colleagues/guests or the company's reputation.

  • The function will have an end time and employees and guests will be asked to leave at the end time. Any employees wishing to continue after the end of the organised function, will be deemed to be doing so in a private and not a company capacity.

Social organiser responsibilities

  • Remind employees of the guidelines. Send a note round on the day of the function just so people know the company rules apply outside the office too.

  • Have a couple of people act as 'responsible adults' to keep an eye on people getting out of hand or showing signs of vulnerability. It is better to act before things go askew than afterwards.

  • Have a dress code. It can be fun, but keep it reasonable.

  • If the company is paying for a limited amount of drinks, hand out drinks tokens that cover soft and limited alcoholic drinks where possible - it might help regulate consumption. If employees want different drinks or have used up their tokens, then this will be for their own account.

  • Make sure there are plenty of soft drinks for non-drinkers.

  • Choose a neutral venue to allow inclusivity, preferably in close proximity to a taxi rank/train station.

  • Have a finishing time and make sure it is before the last train leaves.

  • If funds allow, arrange taxis or a minibus, if not, arrange for the contact details of reputable registered taxis to be made available at the venue and in the note circulated on the day of the function.

  • Make sure the company's employers' liability insurance (to cover employees' welfare) and directors' and officers' insurance (to cover managers' liability) are up to date.

Thank you for some fantastic info Tarnya! If you'd like to find out more about guidelines for company functions and events then do give her a call on 07986 544 694 or click here to ping me an email and I'll forward your enquiry.

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