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Feature Requests Via The Xero Product Ideas Forums

Have you any niggles?


Posted by Alison Mead on 02/05/2023 @ 8:00AM

Are you a Xero user who has little niggles that the software does most of what you want, but wouldn’t it be great if they could tweak it a bit so it could do ‘this’? Most of my niggles come from using Xero payroll, and I have added a few feature requests myself ...

It's quite interesting to look at feature requests added by others and vote on the ones you would find useful yourself!

It's quite interesting to look at feature requests added by others and vote on the ones you would find useful yourself!

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I need to produce a PAPDIS report each month for a client's pension company, and the Xero PAPDIS report is almost exactly what I need, but not quite. The pension company expect to see everyone on the report, not just those opted into the pension.

Xero helpfully knocks off the £520 from the pensionable salary to give the qualifying salary, but my pension provider expects to see the full gross pay in the column so I have to download and edit the reports every month as I can't change the format!

Also, another client wants to be able to pay a new staff member a higher auto enrolment Employer's Pension contribution than the standard 5%, but when the new member of staff is assessed and paid there is no way of increasing the percentage on the first payslip. Still, you can edit it for future pay, so we will need to add the extra manually to the payslip for that first month.

"These are things beyond our control!"

Xero does like to do all the complicated work for us, whereas I am used to working with a more flexible product (Sage 50 Payroll). So, the only way to get this looked at is to add it as a feature request in the Xero Product Ideas forums.

It is also quite interesting to look at feature requests added by others and vote on the ones you would find useful yourself. It might make you think of ways you can improve your use of the product.

So, go and take a look at this feature request, and if you log in with the, button top right you can vote on feature requests and even add your own.

If you have any ones you have added yourself that you would like me to review then please get in touch.

Until next time ...

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