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Do You Regularly Review Your Backup Schedule?

Can you get your files back quickly?


Posted by Paul Mead on 21/12/2020 @ 8:00AM

We had a client call us in a real panic this morning. They had accidentally deleted some very important spreadsheets over the weekend and so needed to be able to restore them from their backup ...

It's important to regularly review your backup schedule! Do you need some help with that?

It's important to regularly review your backup schedule! Do you need some help with that?

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Backups are not just for data corruption or for if your computer hardware fails. We are all human and sometimes human error needs the backup to resolve it too.

Originally the backups for this business were set up to have internal snapshots taken every day from Monday to Friday. Many businesses who keep normal working hours might have a backup schedule like this.

"Also if you take a physical backup then someone needs to
be there to change the media!"

But with remote working and flexible hours these days, what about the work completed over the weekend? Our client would have lost a lot of data if this was the only backup they had.

We also have other backups set up to occur every day into the cloud. These are used in case some kind of disaster happens at the client site so we can basically get a copy of their data and set up elsewhere with little drama. But these backups are held remotely and are slow to access and restore.

There is a third backup though! A copy of the one sent into the cloud, but held locally. This is also taken every day. This was the backup we were able to go to in this instance, and the folder full of 5 years worth of critical data was restored within 2 minutes.

So do you backup your data? Does your schedule fit your working patterns, and do you have multiple copies for different scenarios?

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