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Creating Purchase Orders from Sales Orders in Sage v29.2

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Posted by Alison Mead on 02/10/2023 @ 8:00AM

In the bustling world of business, efficiency is paramount. The latest Sage 50 Accounts v29.2 Professional brings a feature that epitomises this principle: the ability to create a Purchase Order directly from a Sales Order ...

The ability to create a Purchase Order from a Sales Order in Sage 50 Accounts v29.2 Professional is a game-changer!

The ability to create a Purchase Order from a Sales Order in Sage 50 Accounts v29.2 Professional is a game-changer!

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This enhancement is set to revolutionise the way businesses manage their orders, ensuring a seamless transition from sales to procurement.

So, how does It work?

  • Initiating the Process: Within the Sales Orders ledger, users will find a new, button labelled "Generate PO." This, button is also accessible within an individual Sales Order, making it convenient for users to initiate the Purchase Order creation process.

  • Selecting Sales Orders: The feature allows users to create Purchase Orders from a single Sales Order or from a selection, offering flexibility based on the business's needs.

  • Detailed Overview: Once initiated, the "Create purchase orders from sales orders" screen provides a comprehensive view of the products from the selected sales orders. From here, users can utilise the "Create purchase order(s)", button to generate a Purchase Order based on each supplier record, ensuring that orders are directed to the appropriate vendors.

Additional Features:

  • An information panel displays the number of selected products and the unique purchase orders that will be created.

  • Users have the option to deselect products if there's no need for additional stock procurement.

  • Relevant product record details, such as Quantity in Stock, Re-order Level, and Re-order Quantity, are displayed.

  • The quantity from the Sales Order is set as the default, but can be adjusted as needed.

  • The supplier from the product record is the default, but users can modify this.

  • Users can choose the delivery address for the Purchase Order from the Sales Order, supplier, or company delivery address.

  • Alerts provide insights into factors like stock availability, bill of materials inclusion, or if the supplier's credit limit has been exceeded.

  • After the Purchase Orders are generated, they can be viewed and modified if necessary, ensuring that businesses have full control over their procurement process.

The ability to create a Purchase Order from a Sales Order in Sage 50 Accounts v29.2 Professional is a game-changer. It streamlines operations and ensures that businesses can respond swiftly to sales demands, enhancing overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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