Xero’s Starter Plan Just Got Better

If you're looking for great flexibility with your bookkeeping software, there have been some exciting changes to Xero's Starter Plan. They've removed a number of limits that mean Xero has become suitable for even the smallest of businesses ...

Xero has removed the limit on bank reconciliations which means the self-employed and sole traders can stay more closely connected to money coming in and going out. Xero's Starter Plan can also send up to 20 invoices per month, where the previous limit was 5.

With Xero's Starter Plan you can now:

- Send invoices and quotes (20 per month)
- Enter bills (5 per month)
- Reconcile bank transactions
- Manage and submit VAT online
- Add Xero Payroll
- Add Xero Projects
- Add Xero Expenses
- Capture bills and receipts with Hubdoc

All other limits remain the same, but this means that Xero's Starter Plan is now suitable for a wider range of businesses. If you are already using it, these changes came into effect on the 14th September and were totally automatic.

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