Xero Pricing Changes In The United Kingdom

From the 15th of September 2022, subscription prices for Xero plans are changing in the UK. Xero say that these pricing changes will help them continue to respond quickly with the tools and services businesses need ...

All pricing is going up, whether it's in the shops or online, suppliers' costs have increased due to inflation and Xero is no exception. I feel these increases are fair if you look at what everyone else is doing.

What are the increases?

- Starter plans increase by £2 a month to £14 a month
- Standard plans increase by £2 a month to £28 a month
- Premium plans increase by £3 a month to £36 a month

There's no price change for optional add-ons that are part of a subscription, or for the Ultimate plan.

If you have a current Xero discount or promo code, it will continue to be applied to the new pricing from 15 September 2022 until the discount or code expires.

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