Xero Price Increase From September 2021

I am always impressed with Xero about how they invest in the product and continually add updates that improve the user experience and make the bookkeeping easier. For this reason, they do regularly review their prices ...

It has been a good long while since the last increase and the price isn't going up by much. Their upcoming price rises will start from September 2021 so you have plenty of time to prepare. Starter and standard plans, which most of my clients are on, are going up by £2 per month, and the premium plan (the one with foreign currency) is increasing by £3 per month.

"The extra add-ons of payroll, CIS, expenses and projects are remaining the same!"

If you are in a discount period when the price rise comes in, with a percentage discount, this will continue to be honoured on the new rate for the time originally agreed. If you have one of the plans with me which does not allow for raising invoices or bills, the ledger or the cashbook plans, they are staying the same price.

So, do look out for the changes on your invoices and if you have a standing order set up to pay this will need to be updated from September onwards.

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