The Adept Retrospective Stock Valuation Report

What if you need to double check the valuation of your stock in Sage50cloud sometime after the year end? You know with accounts, you often need to wait for invoices to come in and be entered on your system before you can think about your year end ...

At your financial year end you may not be an a position to run a stock valuation report, or you might just get busy and forget. A lot of businesses don't formally close down for months or years and just move straight on into the next period; so how can you run an accurate stock valuation in Sage in order to get your stock values accurate in your year end management reports?

"Sage have a report especially for this!"

It can be found in Products->Reports->Product Valuation->Retrospective Product Valuation, but this report looks back at all your historical product transactions to work out the valuation from the lifetime of you running the Sage software. If you have ever chosen to clear stock to remove old transactions then this report does not work. When I tried it on my own data the valuation makes no sense at all with this report.

The developers at Adept thought about this, and have developed an add on tool which will calculate the stock levels retrospectively working backwards from the current position instead in order to get an accurate historical stock valuation.

The report values the stock using the cost price as it was at the specified date, or you can use the current 'last cost price' as an alternative if you wish. When you buy the license to use this report, it can be used on as many of your companies computers as you like, and other users don't need to log out when you run it.

If you would like to try a free trial of this Adept Retrospective Stock Valuation Report then ilicon+Bullet" Title="click on this link and download the free trial. The current price for this really useful add on is just £150 plus VAT.

After trying it, you need to contact us to purchase the full license.

If anything I've written here resonates with you, call me on 01604 420057 and let's see how we can help you.