Sage 50cloud New Feature: Attaching Documents

Sage is currently rolling out an update to their Sage 50cloud software to bring it to version I was quite excited by this possibility as we keep PDF copies of all our purchase invoices and store them on our server, but having them attached to transactions can make checking details much easier ...

However, as a business, we do use the Sage Purchase Order area (available in Sage 50cloud Accounts Professional only) to keep track of purchases and track our stock. I was a little disappointed that I can't add documents to my Purchase Orders, as I would find it useful to view an invoice so I can double-check a purchase order before posting it.

"But for those of you using batch invoice or credit entry, this could be a great new feature!"

When I update a purchase order to enter the invoice, I can attach the document at that time for ease of accessing in the future. See Sage's useful how-to video below for the full details.

When you attach a document, a copy is stored in a sub-directory with your accounts data, and when you back-up you have the option of including the sub-directory in your backup process by clicking the transaction attachments box.

If you are not keeping copies of these documents elsewhere, I recommend including them in your regular backup. If you are a very high volume user of Sage 50cloud you may find your backup increasing in size if you start to use this feature.

You may need to decide if this is going to work for your business.

If anything I've written here resonates with you, call me on 01604 420057 and let's see how we can help you.