Sage 50cloud Accounts v28.1 Now Released

First though, a warning: if you use Sage50 Manufacturing or Sage Job Costing do not, under any circumstances, install this update. There is a Sage Knowledgebase article explaining why ...

So, what are the new Features in Sage V28.1?

- Paste Multi-Line Addresses - This is my favourite new feature and looked fabulous on the new features webinar I saw - you can copy an address in a line separated by commas or in some other formats too and Sage will paste it into the address fields intelligently for you - even recognising the postcode

- Read-Only Access User Type

- Set Payments due on Contact Records - if you have a payment due value of Zero it might be that there is no set payment term in place, or it could be that payment is due immediately - so you now have the option of marking accounts as having payment due on invoice

- Marking an invoice as disputed in the batch entry screen instead of having to post then mark them separately - you may want to enter a disputed invoice to keep records up to date, but flag it so it isn't paid while you resolve the dispute

- Import grouped audit trail transactions

- Open more than one company simultaneously - this is a game-changer if you bookkeep for a group of companies and a long-overdue feature in my opinion

- Dashboard enhancements including 5 new widgets

- A new Data Management feature to support you in your good housekeeping of the data - tools to support you in archiving and deleting old data when your data set it getting large. - keep your eye out for a future post just about this as reviewing and removing old data is something I highly recommend doing at least annually

- Compliance updates for Intrastat and VAT

- Remote Data Access improvements

To see the full list of the new features and links to how to access them and what they do then you can view the Sage 50cloud accounts v28.1 new features guide in Sage's knowledgebase.

If you need any help or support in upgrading your Sage 50cloud to the new version, or want support in accessing and using the new features, then please do get in touch.

If anything I've written here resonates with you, call me on 01604 420057 and let's see how we can help you.