Sage 50c v27: Some Exciting New Features

Sage has released Sage 50c v27, and it's available for download for all subscription customers. The current version number is 27.0.465.0, and there are a whole host of improvements ...

The first thing you'll notice is the appearance of the new company screens. These have been streamlined to give you four choices on how to add a new company. You can:

- Create - a brand new company
- Connect - link to a company on a local network
- Restore - add a company from a Sage backup
- Download - connect via Sage Drive to data in the Cloud

For accountants, you can now search for a company when you open Sage, which will make your life a lot easier. One of our accountant clients has over 1,000 companies, so this will most definitely help them.

"Custom Alerts can now be set up!"

Alerts can be created to appear in Sales Orders, Invoices or Purchase Orders as soon as you select a customer, supplier or product. These can either be popup windows or embedded in the document.

It's a great way to set reminders when, for example, an awkward customer requires their own purchase order reference to appear on an invoice. I think this will be most useful in a multi-user environment.

"User Management is the new name for Access Rights!"

Many business owners don't want to share their manager password with staff, so User Manager means you can designate staff as Standard, Accountant/Bookkeeper or Administrator.

You can also now force a password change when you create a new user which will greatly improve security. Manager logins can still see and change this password if they forget.

If you're using Sage Drive, you can also set up a user to access your company data from home, which is a welcome change in the face of Coronavirus and employees now working remotely.

"There are also many new Sage Drive improvements!"

Sage Drive Data Synch can also be paused and resumed whenever you like. If you're part-time bookkeeping from home, then it may not be appropriate to have data syncing permanently. You can simply turn on sync on days that you're working on that particular company.

This simply means you can start a sync, go and make a brew and when you return, you should be ready to work. Maybe you could even squeeze in lunch if it's a particularly large data set?

"New improvements for the Accountants Client Manager!"

With accounting staff being encouraged to work from home, the Client Manager can now be the main site for Sage Drive purposes, which means accounting staff can easily be set up as remote users.

There are other new ways to connect if you don't have Client Manager when your staff need to be able to work from home.

If anything I've written here resonates with you, call me on 01604 420057 and let's see how we can help you.