Sage 50 Accounts Update Is Available

There's a new Sage 50 accounts update available which is version If you haven't been automatically offered this update yet then don't worry as Sage usually rolls them out over a month to all users ...

This is quite normal within the software industry as it means any problems are caught by the technical support teams without becoming overwhelmed with calls from baffled users. You'll get the update soon.

New features and improvements included are:

- Changes mean you're covered if the UK trades on WTO terms with the European Union after 31st December 2020
- CIS reverse charge VAT compliant with the Construction Industry Scheme changes introduced on 1st October 2020
- Processing improvements avoid accidentally updating all your records within Invoices and credits, Quotations, Sales orders and Purchase orders
- Get the most of your subscription with step-by-step walkthroughs and discover new features that will benefit your business
- The Sage Drive setup has been simplified, making it easier for you to share data with your accountant and to work from home
- Easily discover and set up new services and features, with practical information on how they can benefit your business

I particularly like the processing improvement of avoiding accidental updating of all the records as we have a client who has regularly had to call us for support when they have accidentally updated all their orders in one go, and the only way to undo this action is to go back to a previous backup. The Sage drive improvements are also well-timed with so many people needing to work from home.

"Remember if you use a multi-user system then the update needs to be run on all the machines before everyone can access the data once you have run it on one machine!"

You should also check your data to ensure there are no errors before updating, and take a backup as well. Remember, you will need to have administrator rights on your computer to be able to install the update.

If anything I've written here resonates with you, call me on 01604 420057 and let's see how we can help you.