Reminder: Hubdoc Fetch Changes On The 27th of April

Many countries around the world have started to embrace open banking as banks and other suppliers realise that APIs are a great way to share information. Xero recently decided to turn off standard fetch connections within Hubdoc on the 27th April 2022 ...

The reason behind this is that performance on these standard fetch connections is declining as security concerns grow. Connections are getting blocked when you attempt to log in to portals and download important documents.

"Hubdoc is moving toward direct connections!"

It will be an inconvenience to remove this functionality from workflows, but the Hubdoc team is hard at work establishing more direct connections with banks and online suppliers. The most significant direct connection they have is with Stripe and many more banks and card processing companies will follow soon.

You can still forward invoices, bills and bank statements via email and have Hubdoc import them as before, it's just logging in to portals and grabbing data that way being terminated in April.

Xero and Hubdoc are growing rapidly so don't see a lack of standard fetching to be an issue. They've added many customer-requested features and will always advocate for small businesses to keep ownership of their data to improve efficiency.

I do believe this is a positive move from Xero and Hubdoc that may cause short-term inconvenience, but in the long run, will create a more streamlined and efficient workflow for small businesses.

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