How To Install Sage50cloud

Despite its name, Sage50Cloud is still desktop software. When you subscribe to Sage you get a download link and then need to install and activate the software on your system. It works on Microsoft Windows and can be single user or multi user ...

You need to check carefully before you install Sage50Cloud that your computer hardware has the right specifications to run the software. Some of the minimum specs given are a must and others are more flexible depending on the volume of transactions you will be inputting into your accounts software.

A transaction in this instance is a line in an invoice so if you have few invoices, but they each have a lot of lines in them, your transaction count can soon mount up!

If you are using Sage50Cloud on one machine, be it a laptop or desktop, then the installation is relatively simple as you install the software then you choose where your 'data' directory will be kept. You should make sure that data directory, and any bespoke layout or reports you create are backed up daily in case your machine ever goes wrong.

"You can always reinstall the software, but the data is the important part to backup!"

I recommend taking Sage Backups and saying yes to the Data Check daily too in case your data is ever corrupted so you can always get back to clean data if you need it. If you are unsure about what this means then read my previous post about Good Housekeeping In Sage 50.

If you are using a larger system with multiple users, the install procedure is a little more complicated. Several machines can be networked together so they all look at the same Data, but you need to think carefully about where you store the data so it is regularly backed up.

"Also think about your volume of transactions!"

A busy system can start to run really slowly if your network is not set up in a Sage friendly way. This is an area Silicon Bullet have become experts in. If you are experiencing problems in a multi-user Sage environment then the best thing is to get in touch with us directly.

If anything I've written here resonates with you, call me on 01604 420057 and let's see how we can help you.