Customer Address Changes In Sage

When a customer changes their address you will need to change it in your accounts software, whatever the address is, but the Sage50 Cloud works there can be a little catch which caught me out this week ...

First, changing the address has been made much easier in the latest version of Sage (28.1 at the time of writing). Just next to the address field in a customer record, you will see a little clipboard symbol with a green arrow pointing left.

If you copy your address from an email or other document and it is either on separate lines or each line is separated by a comma then you can now copy the whole address in one go. Click on the clipboard symbol, and Sage will split the address into the 5 address fields, asking for clarification if there are too many lines.

"I always found pasting or typing addresses into Sage one line at a time a complete pain so this is a welcome update!"

However, as in my case, I have recurring invoices for charges which I make monthly and quarterly for various customers, and even if you put the new address in the customer record then these recurring invoices will still have the wrong address listed.

This will also happen if you duplicate an old invoice. So, I was merrily sending out quarterly invoices to completely the wrong address, but as they were emailed this was only picked up this week and the address changed two years ago!

To rectify this with recurring invoices, you will need to open up and edit the recurring invoice and reselect the customer account code so it brings in the new address from the customer record. But be careful as the system may also return pricing to default pricing if you allow it to. It's safer to copy the address, in the same way, using the clipboard icon as you did in the main customer record so no pricing will be changed or affected.

"So, don't get caught out like I did!"

Make sure the address change is done everywhere it is needed. If you use Sage50 software for your bookkeeping and feel like you would like to know more about how the software works then why not book a handholding session with me?.

If anything I've written here resonates with you, call me on 01604 420057 and let's see how we can help you.