Bookkeeping Support: New Rates And Methods

I thought it would be worth doing a blog post about how much it is to get my bookkeeping support and how I work, so you can see if my unique hand-holding method of support could be something you might find useful ...

Since lockdown, I work remotely with people using Microsoft Teams and record the session so they can look back as many times as they need on the training session. It works a lot better than making your own notes as you go along and sitting with people around a computer monitor which is how I used to work.

"If the client doesn't have a mic and camera it doesn't matter!"

We can talk on the phone and just use Teams to share the screen and record. It also means that whereas many years ago I used to only be able to help those a short drive away from us here in Northampton, now I am able to support people nationally, and occasionally internationally.

It also means I can do shorter sessions as and when needed when people get stuck, and most clients pay for some time in advance to take advance of my pricing offers and then book me using my online calendar as and when they get stuck. Support sessions start from just 15 minutes.

My basic rate is £75 plus VAT per hour for pay-as-you-go which is where you book the time and at the end of the month I invoice for the time used and you just pay for the time taken.

I only offer this to established clients after they have pre-booked at least one hour with me so we can trust ourselves that I am the proper support for you and that I can reassure myself you will pay me for my time! You can't be too careful in business these days and payment in advance for training is the industry norm.

You also have the chance to take advantage of pricing discounts for booking and paying for time in advance of when it is needed.

- £75 plus VAT per hour if you book and pay for 1 hour in advance
- £70 plus VAT per hour if you book and pay for 2 hours in advance
- £65 plus VAT per hour if you book and pay for 5 hours in advance

With any of the advance paid sessions you can still book me through my calendar for shorter sessions to use up the time bit by bit as and when you need support. It just gives those new to bookkeeping or new to Xero or Sage the confidence that they can get help if and when needed without the overwhelm of sitting a course and having to learn it all in one go.

I do tend to recommend booking for longer than you think you need though as there is nothing more frustrating than having to stop a session as I have another booking to go to when we are just getting to the bottom of the help you need.

You can look at my availability and book via Calendly and then email me and let me know which pricing option you would prefer. If you are a new client I would always ask that at least one hour is booked and paid for in advance of our first session.

If anything I've written here resonates with you, call me on 01604 420057 and let's see how we can help you.