Allocating Payments From The Small Business Grant Fund

With all the help for small businesses, it can be difficult to know where to put payments when bookkeeping ...

When I was doing a clients bookkeeping this week in Xero, there was a £10,000 grant that has been paid to them already, and I needed to know what it was and where to put it in the accounts.

If something is a loan and will need to be paid back then an account code will need to be added in the current liabilities. It will be best to separate those related to COVID-19 to their own codes so you can keep track of them.

"Loans will need to be paid back so you need to be very clear if the money your client has received is a loan or a grant!"

The £10,000 I saw come into my client's bank account was from the Small Business Grant Fund and this will need to be included in the profit and loss account as income. Unless more information comes out to change this, we assume this will be taxable as such.

For my client, I created a new income code in the profit and loss account to allocate the funds to so it is very clear to their accountant what it is when it comes to producing their year-end accounts.

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