Adept Add-ons: Giving Sage50c Extra Functionality

Sage50c is a fabulous product which does a lot of what most companies need straight out of the box. But if you have ever thought, “I wish it could do that” then you might want to try one of the Adept add-on products ...

I have been working with Adept Add-on tools for many years, and they are easy to trial and install and the developers are always very approachable and responsive if we need support with one of their products.

I have already blogged about the most popular of these products, the most requested being the Invoice and Order CSV import tools, so here is a quick rundown of my top Adept Add-on products with a link to the blog post.

The download links are contained within each post:

- Adept Sage 50 Invoice CSV Import Tool

If your invoices are raised within another system, but you need them imported into Sage in a format that you can email and send to clients then this is the tool for you. Automation will save time and prevent human error from being introduced. You can also import Sales Orders in a similar way if needed with another add on.

- Adept Sage 50 Product And Account Code Changer

When you set up your account codes, often they involve the company name, but when a customer or supplier is taken over or changes names you may want to edit the account code which is something not possible in regular Sage 50.

- Adept Sage 50 Back-To-Back Ordering

There is no direct link from a sales order that lets you create a purchase order in regular Sage. This is great if you are a drop shipper or only order products when a customer orders from you.

- Adept Subscriptions

An alternative for raising subscription invoicing which doesn't involve having a Sage memorised invoice for every customer. Good for membership fees, subscriptions or and repeating charges.

- Adept Retrospective Stock Valuation Report

So, you can still get an accurate historical valuation after you have previously cleared stock transactions to keep your data tidy. It takes today's position for stock and works backwards to the date you need.

There are a whole host of Adept add-on tools available so if you need your Sage50c to do something a little bit different, get in touch and I will advise on the best one for you and arrange a free trial.

If anything I've written here resonates with you, call me on 01604 420057 and let's see how we can help you.